iPods, laptops, Blackberry’s, and GPS units are all technologies available to us in the 21st century.  We constantly use these tools to connect with our family and friends, to make money and to enjoy entertainment.  Why can we not use these technologies to increase our knowledge of the scriptures, to connect with our Holy Father, and to make a difference for the Kingdom?

Before Jesus ascended into Heaven, He commanded us to make disciples of all nations, but the word He used for go, when in the original Greek text actually translates “as you are going” or “as you are on your way.”  This is not a command to be a career missionary.  It is a command to do whatever you can, and use whatever you have in your everyday life to make Jesus known and to lead other people to the knowledge of His saving grace.
We have a great team of people here at First Baptist New Orleans who desire to use their skills and abilities that God has blessed them with to help expand the Kingdom.

For more information about the media ministry please contact:

Matt Diehl
Media Director


  Our Media Team:

  Mark Warriner
Jonathan Patterson
Jacob Richard
   Donnie Richard
   Mike Harsch
Leonard Christienson
Melissa Bass
Stephen Harris
Adam Byrd
Vanee Daure
Teresa Bovia
Andrew Crosby
Joe Fontenot
Gina Sabine