There are so many things that I value about family and the way my parents raised me.  But, one of the things that stands out, especially during the Christmas season, is their commitment to go and serve and to bring my sister and me along...

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      Mother's Day

      05.12.17 | by David Crosby

      My wife and I both grew up in large families. Janet is the third of nine children, and I am the second of thirteen. Witnessing to our loved ones has been a big part of our lives.

        Inspired to Grow - Victory Sunday

        05.05.17 | by Beth Akin

        Lee Stroebel, author of The Case for Christ, also wrote another book called God’s Outrageous Claims that discusses nine “claims” or promises God makes that seem outrageous to the human mind. Perhaps none of the nine is more outrageous than...

          Inspired to Grow - Children's Ministry

          04.28.17 | by Faye Scott

          The world offers many opportunities in which families can invest their time, gifts and resources. Every day parents choose which activities their children will be involved in. Most parents consider their children to be their most valued...

            Inspired to Grow - Pledge Sunday

            04.21.17 | by Jody Dean

            You have heard for several weeks about being “Inspired to Grow.” The banners in the worship center provide some insight to our campaign that encourage us to grow in many areas of our personal journey. This emphasis also has a capital...

              Inspired to Grow - Prayer Testimony

              04.13.17 | by Cathy Dobbins

              I’ve been blessed to be a part of the Prayer Support Team for our Inspired to Grow campaign. As I’ve prayed alongside fellow FBNO members for God’s clear guidance for the campaign, the Holy Spirit brought to mind times in my life when the...

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