I visited our feeding station at Elysian Fields last Wednesday evening. The youth ministry has been joining the regular group out there this semester. I have been impressed with how quickly they jump in to help, and the way they engage with...

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      The Good Samaritan

      04.20.18 | by David Crosby

           The vulnerable people of this world continue to suffer from the violence that hatred of neighbors foments everywhere. Robbers keep saying, “What’s yours is mine, and I’ll take it,” wounding the vulnerable. Endowed leaders like the priest and...

        Fish and Sheep

        03.29.18 | by David Crosby

             I look forward to the weekly reports from our Care Effect teams. Often they tell about persons who have turned to Christ in repentance and faith. Sometimes these are young people in the juvenile detention center, sometimes adults at OPP...

          A Decree from Caesar

          12.21.17 | by David Crosby

          A DECREE FROM CAESAR Luke 2:1-2: “There went out a decree from Caesar Augustus”      Born in 63 B.C. and named Gaius Octavius, this Caesar was the great nephew of Julius Caesar and was adopted by him as his son and heir.  He was in danger of...

            Give Thanks

            11.17.17 | by David Crosby

                 You remember the challenge of the Apostle Paul: always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ (Ephesians 5:20).


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