Pray-Give-Go to Make a Difference

11.10.17 | by Christi Gibson

         Today is Global Impact Sunday. We’re emphasizing and renewing our commitment to pray, give and go into the world. FBNO is a church seeking to fulfill both of “The Greats.” In response to the Great Commandment, we seek to love our God and others well. In response to the Great Commission, we seek to make disciples—by going, teaching and baptizing. It all boils down to this. Jesus loved the world enough to die for us. We want to love the world enough to do whatever it takes to show people Jesus.

         Will you do that today? Will you renew your commitment to LOVE in Jesus’ name through PRAYING, GIVING, and GOING? If you do, then you are well on your way to making a Global Impact!


         Commit to regular PRAYER for those in need—of Jesus, of food, of clothing. We have prayer guides at both of the walls in what I like to call our Missions Corridor—The World Wall and The Care Effect Wall. Stop by and pick up a card for a missionary, a calendar for Care Effect and prayer around the world, a monthly prayer list for international missions, and more. Look for weekly requests in your worship guide.


         Make a commitment today to GIVE regularly above your tithe to the Global Impact Offering. This offering is described in your insert today, and is restricted to funding missions here in NOLA and around the world. Please use the commitment card to let us know, today or in the next few weeks what you plan to give in 2018. This helps us to plan our trips and our projects.


         We seek to make GOING accessible to our church family through our International partnerships and The Care Effect. Many of our people are involved in other missions that are not a part of our efforts. Basically, we’d like to see every person in our church GOING—somehow, somewhere. This Christmas, we’re inviting everyone to participate in our Care Effect Christmas Parties on December 13—and to help us with Christmas and ongoing needs at our sites through our Christmas GO projects described in this week’s insert. We hope you’ll go with us this Christmas. But be prepared. It takes hold of your heart! You may get hooked!

         You are here on this earth, in this church and in this worship service today for a reason. How will you make an impact?

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