May 31, 2009 | David Crosby

Amazing Grace Just Doesn't Seem Fair

    The employer's decision in this story does seem unfair. He pays the very same wage to his employees whether they work all day or just the last hour. The pay is fair for a day's work, but it is exceedingly generous for an hour's work.

    The people who worked all day protest. The master's response is simple: it is his money, and he is paying everyone their agreed amount. The only protest that can arise is the one which is envious of the master's generosity.

    We may not understand how a thief on a cross can turn to Christ in the last minutes of his life and be saved while others labor in the kingdom their whole lives and enter the same way as the thief. The thing to remember is this: we are all receiving a reward that is a million times beyond our ability to earn. Whether we worked an hour or all day, the pay is generous indeed!

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