God Made a Promise

  • Series: The Kingdom
  • by: David Crosby 12/06/09
  • passage: Luke 1:26-38
    • Mary is such an amazing and endearing presence in the story of Christmas. She is young and devout, idealistic and full of faith. Tradition suggests that she was from a prominent family that lived in a city not far from Nazareth.

      I am sure her parents had high hopes for her. For a young woman in that time, these hopes would coalesce in the selection of a spouse. No other event in her life would shape her future so dramatically as this one.

      Mary’s engagement to an older man, a carpenter, might have disappointed her parents. Surely her pregnancy before the wedding was a shock to all who knew and loved her!
      The angel tells her that she will have a child and that he will be called the “Son of the Most High.” Her child will rule over a kingdom that will never end.

      Mary’s beautiful submission to this divine intervention is instructive to all God’s people: “I am the Lord’s servant.” She is willing to receive and live within the promise.