Jul 19, 2009 | David Crosby

How to Treat Other People

    The teachings of Jesus profoundly affect our language, culture, and vocabulary.  The Golden Rule is quoted and misquoted in popular culture.  A greedy cartoon figure says he follows the Golden Rule.  When asked what that is, he responds, “The one with the Gold rules.” We all laugh because we know that is not the Golden Rule--that is, we know something about what Jesus of Nazareth taught on the subject of values even if we do not live it or accept it as a standard for our lives.

    I suppose that the Golden Rule would find almost universal consent among the cultures of the earth. You pause for a moment of reflection as you hear it.  “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”  Then you nod slowly and say, “Yes, that is a good rule for living.”

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