Measuring Your Success in Life

  • Series: The Kingdom
  • by: David Crosby 07/12/09
  • passage: Matthew 7:1-16
    • A “standard” is “something set up and established by authority as a rule for the measure of quantity, weight, extent, value, or quality.”

      A value is something that we love or care about.  How do we measure our values?  How do we know if they fall short?  What is the standard to which we aspire?

      The word “to judge” is krino which means in its root “to sift, to part, to sunder, to divide out.”  From this root comes the meaning “to decide, to assess, to value.”  The word implies authority.  Jesus is warning us that we tend to make judgment calls based upon our own authority and our own standards.

      In his book Why Johnny Can’t Tell Right from Wrong, William Kilpatrick warns that we cannot teach morality without values.  So we ask the question, “Where are these virtues and character traits defined?  How do we know what love is?  Where is the standard of measure?