Jul 26, 2009 | David Crosby

Teaching Values Like Jesus Did

    A half million attacks and robberies occur in public high schools each month.  Thousands of students carry guns to school.  The chief school-related concern of school children is the disruptive behavior of their classmates.

     At one time my children attended a school where they were intimidated, robbed, and even assaulted. Two teachers were hospitalized, and a child was beaten almost to death on the school grounds.

    We are largely failing at teaching moral values to our children.  The home, the school, the church, and the society at large are implicated in this decline of morality, civility, and common decency.

    For the past 35 years we have been giving attention and research time to moral education in public schools and society at large.  We are not generally elated with the success of our efforts. I commend to you the approach of Jesus. He speaks with astonishing authority, and we need to listen.

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