Dec 13, 2009 | David Crosby

We Sing the Song

    I do not know if Zechariah was a singer. Maybe he sang out of tune. Maybe he was operatic.

    I know this—he sang a song of salvation that is a wonder to hear and read. The song was an offering of praise and a prophesy of what God was up to in Zechariah’s world. It was inspired by the birth of Zechariah’s son whom he called “John” in obedience to the angel’s command.

    God has come. That is the heart of the matter. We are not alone on the planet. We are not left to our own devises. The Creator God is with us. His hand is powerful to save us. He defeats our enemies. He shows mercy to us and remembers his covenant with us.

    Every generation must sing its own song to God. Zechariah composed this song under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It was a new song in its day, and it expressed his heart.
    Any generation that cannot write its own song to God either does not understand what God is doing or does not know God personally. The song flows out of the deep recesses of the heart as an expression of love and gratitude just as your song does.

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