Are You Getting the Most Out of Life?

08.23.19 | by Christi Gibson

    Spoiler Alert #1:  During the sermon today, you’re going to hear some testimonies from four amazing church members. We asked Sherona Alexis, Joyce Harrington, Carlo Pedalino, and Michael Pedalino to share with you why they “do” church. These folks aren’t “super church members” or anything like that. They are just people who have learned that they are made for community.  They are seeking to get the most out of the community that God has given them in the church. And they’ve been blessed in the seeking.

    Spoiler Alert #2: When the videos are done, and the sermon is over—we’re going to invite you to respond. We’re praying that God will show you one area where you could experience community more abundantly, and that you’ll share that area with your FBNO ministers, so we can pray for you and support you.

    Spoiler Alert #3: After that, we will invite you to the ministry fair. We hope you will join us. We hope that when you do, you’ll get a taste of more than red beans, jambalaya, gumbo, and cornbread. We hope you’ll get a taste of what it looks like to do life in community. We hope you’ll meet some new people and make note of some ministries you’d like to be a part of or support through prayer. We’re hoping you’ll make a connection or two that will bring you “life more abundant.”

    I’m hoping the same thing for myself. I always long for more. I’m looking for it in a regular time of going deeper with a couple of other disciples. It’s something I’ve neglected in the last few years, and I’m missing it. So today, that’s what I’ll put on my response card, and it’s what I’ll kneel at the front of the church to ask of God. Then, at the Ministry Fair, I’ll put my name in one of the bowls at tables D1-3. Those are the D-GROUP tables, and that ministry is all about helping FBNO people circle up around a table of fellow disciples to go deeper.  

    One Final Spoiler Alert: Here is what I’ve found to be true. If I will say “yes” to what God has provided through his church, I will be blessed beyond anything I could ever imagine. I’m convinced that the same is true for you.

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