We are excited about today! Not only will our children be singing this morning in our worship service, but tonight our children will be performing their musical, “The Agape League.” All semester long our children have been singing lyrics...

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      Mother's Day 2019

      05.09.19 | by Ricky Draper

           To the amazing women who nurtured us, sacrificed for us, and protected us no matter what—today, we honor you!

        Palm Sunday

        04.12.19 | by Ricky Draper

             Welcome to our Palm Sunday worship gathering! There is an atmosphere of celebration today as we acknowledge Jesus as our Savior and King; however, the sentiment today is two-fold. Imagine standing in the crowd as Jesus rode into Jerusalem...

          The Greatest Gift of All

          11.29.18 | by Ricky Draper

               There was no greater feeling than being a kid at Christmastime. I can remember going to Toys “R” Us with my mom with eyes so wide-open Morten Andersen could kick a field goal through them. Walking those endless rows of toys, knowing that I’d...

            My First Year at FBNO: Are We Too Comfortable?

            10.04.18 | by Ricky Draper

            Today marks the end of my first year at First Baptist New Orleans, and I am eternally grateful to God for the incredible opportunity to serve this great body of believers! I’d like to offer special thanks to Bob, Christi, Taylor, and our...

              Attitude of Gratitude

              06.29.18 | by Ricky Draper

                   It is with great humility and sincerity that I submit to you this ministry reflection. Throughout our lives, we express our gratitude to others in many ways. When someone extends their kindness to us or blesses our lives in some way, we...


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