Beginnings...a New Believer's Class for Children

09.06.19 | by Faye Scott

         The New Believer’s class, Beginnings, started years ago when a six-year-old girl came forward one Sunday morning asking to be baptized.  We were so excited!  Her parents had recently been baptized, and we could see how their lives had changed.  We baptized Leslie that evening.  I should have been excited.  Instead, I was convicted.  Had we done all we could to determine if Leslie had really accepted Christ or if she was simply modeling what she had seen her parents do?  I asked our Lord for forgiveness and made a promise to change our baptism process for children.  The New Believer’s class was born the next morning!

         One of the most exciting parts of the class is hearing children put the story of their salvation experience into words.  They use a worksheet to help them document their story.  Each child receives a video of his/her testimony.  They create a memory box to be used as a weapon in battling the arrows of doubt we all know will come one day.

         We take a field trip—to the baptistry!  We explore the dressing areas, allow kids to see first-hand how deep the water is, practice how they will stand, what they will say, etc.  We hope to eliminate questions about the physical side of baptism so they can focus on the spiritual meaning of baptism.

         Why do we ask children and parents to go through a five-week class before baptism?  Because baptizing a child is a serious responsibility.  We begin a new class today.  Join us at 11:00 for Beginnings on Iberville Street (second floor of the children’s area)!

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