ConGRADulations 2019

05.03.19 | by Trey Gibson

         Today we honor the class of 2019! Some were dedicated as babies in our church, while some have been a part of the FBNO family for just a few years. As we send out our grads to different states, cities, and countries, be encouraged at the legacy of impact this church family has had on graduates in the past! I hope this encourages you to keep impacting and to keep loving on the next generation. 

    David Phelps (class of 2010): 

    “Moving from small-town Arkansas to New Orleans in the middle of my freshman year of high school was challenging, but the community I found at FBNO provided a base to help make the city quickly feel like home. From mission trips and game nights to leadership opportunities and spiritual development, FBNO invested endless resources in my growth as a young adult. I can trace much of my professional passion—empowering students to achieve their fullest potential—directly to the opportunities we had to teach English in Accra, Ghana. The mentors and friendships I gained at First Baptist are still very much part of my life, and I'm so grateful for all the ways the church has been a blessing to me.”

    Camille Nelson (Class of 2017): 

    “First Baptist New Orleans taught me the importance of serving others, especially those in our own communities. Growing up at FBNO, I’ve learned that, although mission trips are a great outreach, it is our duty to first serve our city. FBNO’s kid and youth programs provided me ample opportunities to experience this first-hand through ministries such as serving meals at The Oz and packing backpacks for Fuel the Future. I am forever grateful for the community at FBNO for teaching me this lesson from such an early age and assure them that I have taken this with me to Baton Rouge.”

    Elise Ripley (Class of 2015)

    “Growing up at FBNO, I learned that following Jesus would make me different from this world and that was okay. I learned that I was accepted in God’s kingdom and that is what matters most. Here I really learned what it meant to serve others and love them to show God’s love for them. I learned what it meant to prioritize God’s desires over my own. This gave me a foundation when going to college to search out a community that would accept me and point me to God’s will and not my own.”

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