Elohim : God the Creator


    Part 3

    "Where were you when I created the earth?  Tell me, since you know so much!"  Job 38:4

    My co-worker said something this week that caused me to extend the exploration of God as Creator for another week.  He said, "Why worship the creation when you can worship the Creator?"  I asked him if he knew about my writings these past few weeks, and he said he didn't.  I believe that it was a word from God.  Thanks, Christopher.  :)  So onto the musings...

    Dictionary.com defines creator as "a person who grows or makes or invents things."  And one of the many definitions of creation is the "act of starting something for the first time; introducing something new."

    As I contemplated what Christopher said, my mind went immediately to man-made things.  Humans are the masters of elevating people who have invented or made things...we love to applaud humans as Creators.  We put them in the spotlight and write their names in our history books.  We are astounded with their great mind or talent, with their creations -- Einstein (Theory of Relativity), Galileo (discovered the four largest satellites of Jupiter), Mozart (who composed music at a young age), Bill Gates (the founder of Microsoft), Benjamin Franklin (discovered theories regarding electricity); the list goes on and on.  But there is huge controversy over putting the name of Jesus in our history books.  We celebrate the creation, but not the creator.  Go figure.

    I'm a southern gospel junkie.  You can definitely point the finger at my parents...they immersed me and my siblings in the Gaither trio, BJ Thomas, my dad's own records that he recorded with his brothers (the Crosby Brothers -- they have the whole gambit of records!), and hymns.   Though I am a fan of modern worship music, I love the old hymns (can you really complain about music that praises the Lord?).  One of my favorite hymns is "There's Something About that Name."  In the song (recording by Bill & Gloria Gaither), one of the singers has a monologue about Jesus.  After a long discourse on what the name of Jesus has done in the lives of others, she says this:

    "Emperors have tried to destroy it, philosophies have tried to stamp it out;
    tyrants have tried to wash it from the face of the earth with the very blood of those who claimed it. 
    Yet it still stands. 

    ...Every voice of Adam's race shall raise in one mighty chorus to proclaim the name of Jesus..."

    Which brings me to my previous point last week about every knee bowing in awe of their creator.

    Before you go to that place in your mind where you want to applaud someone's inventions, remember who created them.  Before you want to do that to yourself, remember who created you.  Our history books may not put His name in their pages, but don't be ignorant like so many "intellectuals."  The act of having created a human is far greater than the discovery of electricity or gravity, don't you agree?

    You will one day bow before Him...your Maker.

    Why not now?

    Lord, give us wisdom to see you in the midst of worldly success and accomplishments.  Help us to immediately point to you, our Creator.

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