Ghana 2019

10.10.19 | by Yvette Peevy

         They live in markets and small rooms, sleep outside or inside, eat about one meal a day, and work long hours at evening cook stations or selling sunglasses, fabric, onions, belts, scrubbies in the equatorial sun.  They laugh and love BIG, and support each other in their diaspora, far from their home villages in Niger, Mali, or Burkina Faso.  They live on some earnings and send the rest home.  They are good people. 

         But they do not know the Truth, not really.  They know about Him.  But they are open to hearing and can meet and hear the Truth through SD cards they plug into their phones (with the Jesus Film or sermons or Scripture in their language), Proclaimers, and DVDs of the Jesus Film passed to them by Christians.  They watch or listen repeatedly and the Holy Spirit ministers.  They question and discuss with their Christian friends, including those of the Mango Tree Ministry.  They know what it is to be a West African Muslim and act on their conviction that Jesus is the Truth and the cost of letting their Muslim community know that they have chosen to follow Jesus. 

         It was again a privilege to come alongside the Mango Tree Ministry and share the Word with these temporary residents of Accra, Ghana, and to participate in furthering the relationships that facilitate the discussions that can be used to lead a West African Muslim to act on his or her belief in the Truth, Jesus.  Thank you.

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