Inward Blitz 2020

02.14.20 | by Christi Gibson

         A lot of the women who work in the clubs on Bourbon street have a faith background. Some grew up in church and drifted away. Others are walking with a foot in both worlds – dancing in the clubs on Friday night and going to church with their family on Sunday morning. Most of the ladies, however, view the church as a place that they would not want to go and where they would not be welcomed or loved if they did go there.

         That’s why it took our Inward Ministry a while to accept that they call us, “The Church Ladies.” It’s grown on us, though. Now, our hope is that as the club ladies see the church ladies coming to visit them again and again, they’ll see the church loving them. And then, perhaps they will believe us when we tell them that God loves them.

         This coming Wednesday night, we’ll get to demonstrate that love, as we give out 420 bags of goodies and daily necessities in the clubs. You, the Church (FBNO and several other congregations in New Orleans and around the world), provided the items. More than 30 of you showed up to organize the items, label them, and pack them into gift bags. Four hundred of those bags will be given out in Bourbon Street clubs on Wednesday, and about 30 will go to women in clubs on the Westbank. Our gift includes an amazing booklet full of resources that we’ve put together—and another group is adding copies of our booklet to 50+ gifts they’ll be giving out in the clubs in New Orleans East.

         We will be able to look each woman in the eyes as we hand her a bag, and tell her honestly, “The Church wants you to know that God loves you and so do we.”

         We’re hoping that even more of you will join our work this Wednesday night by praying as we go out.

         We know that we’re an oddity on Bourbon Street. Just being there is warfare. Sharing the gospel is a battle for life or death. That’s why we’re so grateful to have people praying for us as we go. We’ll have groups gathering here at FBNO and at Vieux Carre Baptist Church to pray between 8:00 pm and about 11:00. If you’d like to join us at either place for a little time or the whole evening, please call or text me at 504.812.2692, and I’ll give you instructions. If you’d like a prayer guide to use as you pray from home—email me at —and I’ll send you one.

         We know God is at work. Thank you for joining him along with us.

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