Joining the Family Business

04.25.19 | by Christi Gibson

         We have something exciting happening in our family business meeting today! We’re going to hear a report from our nominating committee.  They have been looking over our committee vacancies and calling on invested FBNO members to serve the church in this capacity.  They will be recommending that we elect these people for the next three years.

         What does a committee do?  Did you know that a finance committee helps to develop our yearly budget and then meets monthly to go over all of our expenses to make sure we are being good stewards?  We don’t take lightly the use of God’s resources!  We also have committees that nominate new deacons, advise our missions work, prepare our Lord’s supper and help with baptism. There are committees who make personnel decisions, plan our women’s Bible studies and events, assess and address our building needs and relate to our Early Learning Center.  In addition, we have a board of Trustees who gives wisdom and oversight to any legal issues we deal with.

         We have over one hundred church members serving on these committees. This year, our nominating committee filled twenty-seven positions vacated by our regular rotation system and several more spots vacated for other reasons. Eleven people have agreed to serve on a committee for their very first time.  Pick up a list of these folks in the business meeting report today, look over it, and take the time to thank a committee member for all that they do!  Their work matters.

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