Pouring Out Love

07.26.19 | by Christi Gibson

         It’s meaningful to me that every year, in the midst of the craziness of VBS, we’re trying to finalize our Fall roster of teachers and leaders for small groups.

         The number of church folks pouring into our children during VBS is amazing. I’m always surprised to see someone who I didn’t know all that well using gifts I didn’t know they had and having the time of their lives doing it. It’s especially fun when THEY didn’t fully realize their own gifts—and they get to see God working through them!

         As I pray for our new slate of teachers and leaders—some who are first-timers and others who’ve done it for decades—I expect that Sundays will be a lot like VBS for these folks. Over the next year, I’ll hear their stories about how much fun they’re having and how God is blessing them through the studying and the leading. I’ll hear from the people in their classes about what God is teaching them through his Word and the teachers’ ministry.

          Our church is steadily growing up in Christ because of people like Frank Catalanotto, Peggy Monsted, Brandon Wells, Charlotte Steger and Quincy Brown—just a few of our leaders who teach adult classes each week. The next generations of our church will continue to grow up in faith because of people like Jennylee Furr, Bill Stoffle, and Hannah Pounds—just a tiny sampling of our preschool, children and youth teachers.     Do you know the truth about these and nearly 100 more FBNO small group leaders? If you asked each of them why they show up to teach, they would tell you that the blessing they receive through the study, the teaching and the community is much greater than what they pour out.

         That’s how it works in God’s economy. Give because he says to give. Serve with a cheerful and generous heart. And you will receive more than you ever dreamed you could.

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