The Thing About Committees

03.05.20 | by Christi Gibson

         We’ve all heard the old jokes about committees. A camel is a horse put together by a committee. The best way to kill an idea is to send it to committee. If computers get too powerful, we should organize them into a committee—that’ll do them in. Google search “committee jokes” – there’s tons of material out there.

         But here’s the thing about committees, they are crucial to the function of the church—the body of Christ. Committees allow us to have member input and ownership of what we do. Committees give us diverse input from a diverse membership. Committees offer church members the opportunity to use their gifts in service to God and his church. Committees contribute greatly to the unity of the church.

         At FBNO, we have nine standing committees, as well as a Board of Trustees. Each committee, with a few exceptions, has nine members who serve for three years. Three committee members rotate out each year, and three new members rotate in. All committee members must be members of FBNO who are actively participating in our primary worship, missions and small groups. Each committee has other, more specific qualifications for members.

         NOMINATING COMMITTEE has two primary responsibilities every year. They nominate our small group leaders and our committee members. This is a huge responsibility, and members welcome recommendations.

         DEACON NOMINATING COMMITTEE nominates new members to the deacon body.

         FINANCE COMMITTEE meets monthly to go over the finances of our church. Along with the staff, they prepare a budget proposal each year and present it to the church.

         MISSIONS COMMITTEE provides support and guidance to our Missions Minister. They help determine how Care Effect dollars are spent and how and where our people will go on mission.

         ORDINANCE COMMITTEE prepares the ordinances of the Lord’s Supper and Baptism. This is a hard working committee, and it has 16-20  members who serve on Sunday mornings.

         PERSONNEL COMMITTEE works with the pastor to support and provide oversight to our paid staff. They are a huge part of the hiring process of new ministers and support staff.

         PROPERTY COMMITTEE oversees the maintenance, repair, and updating of the FBNO property.

         WOMEN’S MINISTRY COMMITTEE plans events and ongoing Bible Study to address the needs of women in the church.

         ELC RELATIONS COMMITTEE serves as a bridge between our Early Learning Center and the church.

         FBNO TRUSTEES provide legal support for the signing of contracts, etc.


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