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Sep 08, 2019 | Andrew Crosby

Serve One Another

John 13:1-7

Serving changes our expectations.

v. 1-5

  • John 13 starts a change in Jesus’ ministry
    • The focus shifts from the crowds to the disciples
    • Jesus wants to give final instructions because he knows his time has come
  • Jesus changes our expectations about who serves.
    • He shifts his role from dinner host to servant
    • This is a deliberate and symbolic act.
  • He begins washing the disciples feet one by one
    • Imagine the thoughts going through their minds.
    • This act of service sums up the whole of the life and ministry of Jesus
      • It points us back to his birth.
        • He lowered himself from his position in heaven to dwell among us
      • It points us forward to the cross
        • On the cross he will again give up his rightful place, lower himself in humility, and become the servant to all
      • This picture is captured beautifully in Philippians 2
    • I don’t want us to miss that Judas is present for all of this.
      • Even though Jesus knows what is happening in the heart of Judas, Jesus loving ly serves Judas
    • Jesus changes our expectations about who we should serve.

Serving changes our attitudes.

v. 6-11

  • And then he gets to Peter
  • “you will never wash my feet.”
  • Peter is shocked by the idea of Jesus serving
  • Peter is still holding onto his pride and self-sufficiency
  • Look atthe physical postures of foot washing
    • There is an imbalance of power
    • Jesus is lowering himself. He’s not in a position of power
  • At the same time there is vulnerability in the one being washed
  • It costs both people something

Serving changes our lives.

v. 12-17

  • Why we serve
    • Jesus returns to the table and begins teaching
    • This is a living parable. An object lesson that they all participated in
  • You call me teacher and Lord, if I serve you also must serve
  • Now that you know what it takes, do it.
  • “We would gladly wash the feet of our Divine Lord; but he disconcertingly insists on washing ours, and bids us wash our neighbor’s feet.” William Temple
    • It’s easy for us to see ourselves serving God, or see the worth in washing the feet of Jesus.
  • Serving has changed us as a church and as individuals

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